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B&R: what we offer

Methodology, knowledge, organization.

B&R integrates with the customer dedicating him a present resource inside the company.

During the start-up phase B&R will be at the company at least three times a week and following B&R consultation, will be at your offices once a week.
The resource is also opportunely rationally formed and quickly becomes a kind of colleague of the firm employers who works with the consultant.
The owner of B&R visits the customer weekly in order to share and discuss the results obtained together with the referent and company team.
Inside the company of the customer the CdA (Comitee of Company Management) will be established where the key functions take part in sharing periodically objective, results and establishing the necessary countermeasures where gaps are present.
The methodology used by B&R aims for promotion and sharing consciousness inside the company.

Consciousness in terms of the overall company reality and the possible practicable alternatives in order to obtain ameliorative performances are the B&R objectives.

After a company organization - gram analysis the budget will be subdivided for function and responsibility in order to promote delegation efficiency.

The target company are realities having a turnover between 5 and 50 MI included, which have no management control or feel insufficient in the same case.

Moreover, B&R has all the competences to support realities having a turnover of up to 350 MI

Tenability and ROI

The B&R pricing policy is based on sustainability of the cost of the advice by the customer benefiting in terms of fix costs compared to an internal controller.

Precisely, B&R’s real A.V. is the improvement of the economical performance of the customer with whom is shared the result. ROI on the fixed consultancy costs comes in less than 6 months.

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