Budgeting & Reporting presentation

Budget & Reporting is a small consultancy firm which is interested in out sourcing management for medium enterprises which are not functionally structured.
The core business of B&R is economic planning, monthly control of the state and following the analysis of variances in order to identify and proceed with corrective action in time in order to be able to keep to planned objectives.
B&R is interested in financial planning

Kind of customers:

The company target are those having an included turnover between 5 and 50 MI Euro, with non structured or insufficient management control. Moreover, B&R has all the competence to support realities with a turnover up to 350 MI Euro.

A compagny in start-up phase:

  • Companies that are interested in dimensional transaction, in an expansion or trading phase;
  • Companies inherited by another generation
  • Companies in economic-financial crisis.

B&R has an imprinting based on rationality and is well known for its orientation with costumer results and consultations. The firm has a flexible “mentis” form looking for the necessities of a company in order to rapidly insert into an individual customer situation:

  • The creation dynamics of added value;
  • Key Drivers;
  • The divisions, sales channels and high profitable markets.

The flexibility that contradistinguishes B&R, allows for a quick approach with the Management Control system and reaching the best trade-off between data limits and precision.
Rationality allows to individuate key-factors which influence the construction-dynamic of the added value and to build around an efficient control system of deviations between actual and planning in order to individuate opportune countermeasures.

B&R promotes costumer consciousness as to where the company is, where the company wants to go and what the company has to do in order to reach the required objectives (B&R rationallity).

The final element which contradistinguishes B&R is the positivity of this company, precisely as in any company suffering in a crisis where excellent dynamics are found and precisely here it is necessary to concentrate to obtain better performances.

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